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Who we are and what we do

We are Jornal Socell, a platform dedicated to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, the dissemination of research and responsible information. Our mission is to broaden the horizons of science, promoting stem cell research and contributing to the advancement of cell therapy. As part of the Brazilian Society for Research and Study in Cellular Therapy, our commitment is to inspire, educate and inform, providing a space dedicated to science and human health.

Experimento de realização do pesquisador


Nossa missão é fomentar a pesquisa responsável com células-tronco, gerando conhecimento científico e promovendo tratamentos e curas que melhorem a saúde humana. Nosso jornal se dedica a disseminar informações de alta qualidade, promover a ética na pesquisa e ser uma voz ativa no avanço científico da terapia celular.

People with Masks


Our vision is to create a positive global environment for future discoveries and treatments in the stem cell field. We believe in a world where stem cell science is encouraged, where ethics are prioritized, and where every discovery contributes to deeper understanding and advances human health. We want to be leaders in disseminating scientific information and promoting a collaborative and engaged scientific community.

Happy Scientist
Science lab

Our values

Scientific Excellence

We are committed to excellence in research and scientific dissemination, promoting quality and accuracy in all information shared.


We place ethics at the heart of our activities, ensuring that all stem cell-related research and practices are conducted in a responsible and respectful manner.

Open Access

We defend open access to scientific knowledge, making discoveries and research accessible to everyone, without barriers.


We stimulate innovation in the field of stem cells, encouraging new approaches and technologies that can revolutionize regenerative medicine.


We believe in the strength of collaboration and the power of the scientific community working together to achieve significant advances.

Meet the team that contributes to Jornal Socell

Lisandro Lambert

CRM: 69.208
Tel: +55 11 99650-6334


Tania Pasqualin

CRP: 06/6878-2

Tel: +55 11 99650-6334

Denis Socell.jpg

Denis Socell


Tel: + 55 34 9667-9668

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