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Become a Socell Affiliate

Practice Regenerative Medicine with Safety and Excellence.

I am excited to share a unique opportunity to revolutionize the way we care for our patients. As a researcher committed to regenerative medicine, I present an innovative technique that integrates photobiomodulation and stem cell activation, providing remarkable results.

Dr. Lambert , Lisandro | CRM: 69.208Ophthalmologist and Researcher
President of Socell – Brazilian Society for Research and Study in Cellular Therapy

Dr. Lambert, Lisandro 

Innovation that Impacts: Photobiomodulation and Stem Cells

Our pioneering research, now available in Brazil, aims to harness the potential of photobiomodulation and stem cell activation. This approach has demonstrated extraordinary benefits in promoting longevity and improving health in many parts of the world.

Rejuvenation and Wellbeing: Benefits for Nursing Home Residents

The combined application of these innovative techniques can rejuvenate tissues, strengthen the immune system and promote cell regeneration. This non-invasive and safe method is specially designed to integrate into your existing care routine, offering tangible benefits to nursing home residents.

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At the Cutting Edge of Clinical Care: Become a Socell Affiliate

By adopting this innovative technique, you will be at the forefront of clinical care, providing a unique experience for your patients. Furthermore, joining Socell will strengthen its position as a leader in innovation and excellence, raising the standard of care offered.

Commitment to Health: Become a Socell Affiliate and Make a Difference

By becoming an affiliate, you are part of a revolution in clinical care. Together, we can transform the current paradigm and offer our patients a healthier and more promising future.

To participate in the Socell affiliation process, fill out the form below.

We would like to ensure that all information provided will be treated with complete confidentiality and in accordance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD). The privacy and security of your data are of utmost importance to us.

Your responses are critical to assessing your compatibility with our organization and ensuring productive and meaningful collaboration.

1. Qual é o volume médio de pacientes para terapia celular ou medicina regenerativa que você atende mensalmente em sua prática clínica?
15. Tem experiência em:

Thank you again for your interest in joining Socell and for your willingness to contribute to the advancement of cell therapy research and practice in Brazil. We will be in touch shortly to discuss the next steps in the affiliation process.

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