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Activation ofStem cells

Discover the Powerful Alliance between Organotherapy and Homeopathy 6 LM in Cellular Therapy

Welcome to the journey of regenerative and healing health! At Socell, we are dedicated to exploring the most advanced therapies to stimulate cell regeneration and promote total well-being. Join us and discover how Organotherapy and Homeopathy 6 LM can revolutionize your therapeutic approach.


What is Organotherapy?

Organotherapy is a therapeutic method that uses homeopathic medicines made from healthy animal organs. Discover how this innovative approach works at an energetic, sensory, functional and structural level to correct dysfunctions and promote healing.

The Power of Homeopathy 6 LM

Our Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Cell Homeopathy 6 LM is energized from umbilical cord mesenchymal cells from healthy donor mothers. Find out how these cells can stimulate pericytes, promoting cell regeneration and optimizing therapeutic results.

Combining Treatments for Optimized Results

Discover how the association of Organotherapeutics with Homeopathy 6 LM treatment can enhance therapeutic results. Plus, learn about the groundbreaking research at Socell that demonstrated the effectiveness of nanotechnology in adhesives for photobiomodulation.

Join Socell today and gain exclusive access to resources and events that are driving innovation in cell therapy! 

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this innovative journey towards health and well-being. Secure your place at our meetings every Wednesday at 7am and discover the transformative potential of Organotherapy and Homeopathy 6 LM in cell therapy.

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